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Entry #5

Open for Business

2/7/13 by Undeadkitty13

I'm open for commissions

what i can do

no diapers,shota,loli, or anything of that sort

no pionts
only paypal

Roughs $3

Lineart $5

Flats $10

Renders (no backgrounds) $20

Renders ( with backgrounds) $30

All you have to do is send me a note with details and any references you may have


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Diapers? Lol, what witchcraft would they have you do?
Hoping to commission you later this month actually *bookmarked*
My 12th anniversary here at NG is coming up and I'd like to give my avatar, Asterix the Gaul, a little modern interpretation :) Really respect your consistent attention to detail!

2/13/13 Undeadkitty13 responds:

never been asked, but then agian a friend of minds who normally draws superheros was asked to draw some diapers, so ya i put that up there just in case

I 'm glad you like my work and be more than happy to work on the avatar for you :D